Introducing the Firestarter Programme

Richard Kelly 16th October 2019

If you follow us on social media you will have seen over the past few days information we’ve been putting out about our exciting new training programme: Firestarter.

Firestarter is specifically designed for people with little or no exercise experience, or those people who haven’t exercised in a long time.  Primarily the programme is for those who want to lose some weight and increase tone, but anyone new to exercise would benefit from it. 

I really believe this is a fantastic chance for anyone looking for a way to start with a healthier lifestyle to build a brilliant foundation.  Once you’ve finished Firestarter you will be in a great place to choose to gain muscle, improve strength or fitness or continue to lose weight.  It is designed to help you fall in love with being active and exercising, making it something you look forward to doing rather than a burden you feel compelled to do in order to stay healthy. 

Firestarter is also the longest length programme we have ever offered.  In the past we had stuck to eight-week programmes because those who are familiar with exercise can typically see change within this time.  This programme is different.  Because it is designed specifically for those who have little to no recent exercise history it is much more foundational at the outset, with challenges set each week to help give you a focus which will help you reach your goal. 

By purchasing Firestarter you’ll receive a weekly programme pack, containing everything you’ll need for that week to help keep you motivated and engaged with the programme.  And at the end of Firestarter you’ll have all the information provided forever in order to ensure that everything you need is in one place!

To find out what is included in the Firestarter Programme, please see below:

Equipment: None

You don’t need equipment to follow Firestarter, just space to workout in at home, in the park or garden. 

Number of Sessions and Session Length:

None of the exercise sessions in Firestarter are more than forty-five minutes long, and many are twenty to thirty minutes.  Not only that but the programme allows you flexibility in the design of your exercise plan so it fits in with your lifestyle.  If doing two sessions a week is better for your lifestyle than doing something each day that is more than possible. 

Firestarter Training Programme:

Every three weeks you’ll receive a new part of the Firestarter programme.  Adaptation is vital to seeing change, but at the same time if we make things different each time we don’t give the body a change to adapt to those changes.  Three weeks enables you to get familiar with a part of the workout before changing things, meaning you’ll receive four phases through the Firestarter programme!

Weekly Goals:

Each week you’ll be provided with a weekly achievable goal to help you keep on track and provide a focus around your exercise and nutrition, all to help you understand how to achieve a more healthy outlook and tools for life to maintain that in the future. 


When you purchase Firestarter you’ll receive nutrition advice to set you on course.  Your trainer will also ask you for a food diary to help guide you through simple and achievable changes that will make a significant and long term change for your health. 


We believe that this is the most significant and vital aspect of Firestarter.  You’ll have the ability to communicate with one person who is a health and fitness expert.  This person will be able to provide you with advice and support around Firestarter, through either email or video-call support. 


First 5 people to pre-register: £44.99 (equivalent to £3.75 per week)

Pre-Launch Purchase (before 31st October 2019): £59.99 (equivalent to £4.99 per week)

Normal Retail Price: £89.99 (equivalent to £7.49 per week)

We believe that this is a very good price for the level of support and tools you’ll be getting with this programme.  A gym membership on seeing a personal trainer just once a week would cost you on average £750 for the same time period, and you’ll be receiving more support than that through this programme for just a fraction of the price!

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