Michael - Wellness Coaching

I started my fitness journey in 2010, my waistline was starting to grow and walking upstairs was leaving me increasingly short of breath.  Initially, my goals were to reduce weight and increase cardiovascular performance, but since starting working with Richard in August 2017, my goals have become to increase my body awareness; specifically flexibility, strength, power, stamina and efficiency.  Richard has articulated for me an intuitive awareness of my body, mainly through better mind body connection to help me reach this goal.

Finally, we are working on a goal create a series of “wellness” practices, much improved sleep patterns, eating habits and stress management practices. When I started training with Richard there was a quantum acceleration in my fitness abilities.

There has been a significant improvement in my tennis, through huge strides in poise, balance, focus, stamina/endurance and mind-set.  On the tangible side, I am now at 9% body fat and I now feel competent at any exercises we do without making an ass of myself!

Before I started Wellness Coaching with Richard I struggled play tennis consistently well.  For example, it is important in tennis to move well, to have fast feet, as this allows you to move to intercept the ball in a controlled and precise manner.  This is an area of my game that was lacking. I also suffered from a degree of sports related back pain, and for both the movement and the back pain, Richard devised a set of exercises that tackled the issues and now has solved these issues completely.  With this process, Richard, when and where necessary, explained the purpose of the workouts, gave the right level of encouragement and reward for me.

Richard’s gentle, consistent and clear approach, coupled with his vast knowledge of diet and fitness, allowed my confidence and trust in him to grow significantly. Knowing I will learning new and varied skills that my body has and these are just waiting to be discovered is something I look forward to in each session!

Give it a go and have fun, you will see the benefits and learn from Richard’s fitness encyclopedia. One benefit worth emphasising is you will feel better in yourself and that is a tangible outcome.



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